About C3

The mission of C3 is to leverage the collaborative opportunities offered by the existence of one of the only 46 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers, the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, and two of the only 7 NCI-designated basic research cancer centers, Salk Institute for Biological Studies and Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, in the same city. Consistent with this mission, C3's primary function is to provide an ongoing forum for advancing cancer prevention and control, screening and therapy vis enhancing the interactions and collaborations among the three NCI-designated Cancer Centers in San Diego, as well as promoting interactions with other public and private sector organizations in San Diego.

UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Director: Joseph A. Califano III, MD

The Moores Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego was granted NCI designation as a Clinical Cancer Center in 1978 and Comprehensive Cancer Center status in 2001. It is composed of over 400 participating, associate and general members drawn from 19 departments of the University. The Center has six Research Programs, which reflect its scientific strengths and evolving interests: Cancer Biology & Signaling, Cancer Genomics & Networks, Hematologic Malignancies, Cancer Prevention, Reducing Cancer Disparities, and Solid Tumor Therapeutics.

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Salk Institute Cancer Center

Director: Reuben Shaw, PhD

The Salk Institute Cancer Center is a basic research cancer center with 30 faculty members organized into three programs: Cancer and Metabolism, Mouse Models and Cancer Stem Cells, and Growth Control and Genomic Stability.

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Sanford Burnham Prebys Cancer Center

Director: Ze’ev Ronai, PhD

The SBP Cancer Center is a basic research cancer center of approximately 40 PIs organized into 3 programs of tumor initiation and maintenance, cell and molecular biology of cancer, and aging, cancer and immuno-oncology.

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