Yu-Tsueng (Y-T) Liu, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Cancer Types

Research Groups

Research Statement

I have a broad background in clinical and basic research, and am interested in translational research. I co-invented a targeted microbubble based cell isolation technology, designated BUBLES (buoyancy enabled separation), to be initially used for rare circulating tumor cell isolation, and co-founded a startup, Diagnologix, to develop products for clinical applications. Scientists in Diagnologix have expanded BUBLES applications to prepare and expand stem memory T (TSCM) cells for CAR-T immunotherapy (https://www.diagnologix.com/technology/). In collaboration with optical engineers and computer scientists, I was able to apply an innovative approach to capture an extended depth (a series of focal planes) of tumor lesion for disease monitoring. With Dr. Dennis Carson and other engineers, we founded a startup, Pensievision (https://www.pensievision.com/), to develop products for early cancer diagnosis.