Carrie House, PhD

Assistant Professor

Research Statement

I am a well-rounded, motivated, and highly skilled research scientist dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with cancer. My experience studying molecular signaling mechanisms that support cancer cell phenotypes using in vitro and in vivo models has provided me the technical skills to develop my independent research program studying the role of NF-kB in supporting a stem-like phenotype in ovarian cancer cells important for tumorigenesis, drug resistance and disease relapse. My research further investigates tumor cell heterogeneity and the role of the tumor microenvironment in ovarian cancer progression and drug resistance. Understanding the mechanisms that endow certain cells with the ability to resist chemotherapy, lay dormant, and repopulate tumors is essential for overcoming disease relapse and achieving cures. This research has the potential to develop into novel collaborations and I welcome the opportunity to provide my individual perspective to advance the field of cancer treatment.