Lisa Madlensky, PhD

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Research Statement

As a board-certified genetic counselor with specialization in cancer genetics, I have over 20 years of experience explaining complex genetic information to cancer patients and their families. This length of time in the field has also allowed me to participate in developing processes and protocols for the transition of research-based genetic testing to clinical testing (e.g., BRCA1/2 and Lynch Syndrome genes); this includes developing informed consent processes, integrating patient preferences for receipt of genetic information, documentation of genetic test results, and release of results to health care providers and family members. In addition, as a genetic counselor with doctoral-level research training, I have experience as an independent and collaborative researcher in the area of health behaviors in the context of cancer family history and genetic test results, as well as motivations and the psychosocial impact of cancer genetic testing. My additional training and research experience includes qualitative and quantitative survey methodology, scale development, research participant recruitment and retention, data analysis, and all other critical aspects of clinical research. Additional areas of expertise include i) personalized cancer risk assessment for cancer; ii) the intersection of tumor (somatic) and germline genomics and iii) direct-to-consumer genetic testing.